Clickbank is a great platform and Zapier is an amazing tool, but they can't talk to each other!

Unfortunately, Clickbank has no plans to make a Zapier connection either 🙁

Use my simple plugin to integrate Clickbank and Zapier so you can get all of your Clickbank buyer info into Zapier then use however you'd like.

Send  ClickBank sales, rebills, cancel alerts, refund transactions, and more into your Zapier account. Then connect to hundreds of other popular apps from there...

Hi, I'm Brian. As a CB vendor myself, I decided to solve the problem and offer YOU the fast solution…

Integrate Clickbank With Over 750 Apps and
Automate Workflows

Automatically Add Clickbank Buyers  To
Segment Them Accordingly

Eliminate Data-Entry and Reduce Tedious Data Analysis. Track KPIs Easily

Integrate Clickbank and Zapier with your purchase of


Connect Clickbank with Zapier.
WordPress Plugin
Easy, simple config in under 3 minutes.
Start doing just about anything you want with your Clickbank buyers!


Q: Can I use this if I sell my Clickbank product using a non-wordpress site?

A: Yes, just install this plugin on any site you own running WordPress. The domain doesn't matter. All that matters is you point Clickbank to the right place. The customer never sees any of the process.

​Q: Multiple Clickbank accounts or multiple Zapier accounts?

A: Just purchase more than one copy of AC Linkup Pro. Each installation connects 1 CB account with 1 Zapier webhook. From there you can perform multiple actions based on 1 webhook (configured within your Zapier zap).

​Q: Will this work if I'm the affiliate?

A: Sort of. Clickbank doesn't send buyer data like name & email to the affiliate. Only the vendor. But if you want to integrate any data which Clickbank INS sends to you as the affiliate, it will do that. 

​Q: Other features coming?

A: Yes... buy now and you get upgrades/future version for the life of your membership.